CoverKids Eligibility

CoverKids is designed for uninsured children age 18 and younger whose families earn within 250 percent of the federal poverty level ($59,625 annually for a family of four). See the income guidelines for more information. Additionally, pregnant women who meet other eligibility criteria can receive maternity coverage through CoverKids.
  • Age 18 or younger
  • A Tennessee resident
  • U.S. citizen or qualified legal alien (babies born in the U.S. will be considered U.S. citizens) This requirement only applies to children and not pregnant women.
  • Not eligible for TennCare
  • No access to state employee health insurance (this includes local education agencies)
  • Household income up to 250% of federal poverty level (FPL)
  • Maternity coverage available for pregnant women at or below the Coverkids income limit of the federal poverty level who meet other eligibility criteria
  • CoverKids must be your only health plan. To get benefits, your child cannot be part of any other plan. You cannot use CoverKids as a second health plan.
  • Coverkids covers pregnant women who do not have maternity health benefits. If you have another health plan with maternity benefits, you cannot be part of Coverkids.
  • Pregnant women can get prenatal services through Coverkids regardless of their immigration status.
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